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What is online peer support

Online peer support is when people in similar situations and with similar experiences share knowledge and help each other, all online. You may have seen the ReachOut Parents forums; they’re an example of online peer support. ReachOut Parents forums are a community where parents get together, ask questions, share what’s going on and also just shoot the breeze.

Online peer support like this is great because it’s anonymous and available any time you need it. We asked the community what online peer support is and how it can be helpful for parents of teenagers. If any of this sounds like it might be good for you join the forums here.

@Big_Crab: Somewhere I can talk openly and honestly about what is happening in my life and know there will be others there to listen without judgment. It's knowing that even though there may not be a solution, others are willing to suggest ideas and share their own experiences.     @Red21: A place to vent in a positive manner. A place to be heard. A place to listen. I get a sense of belonging; call it a tribe or a kind of humanness.    @Taokat: I get to witness first hand that I'm not the only parent having issues with my teen or struggling with my confidence in parenting. To know I am not alone is actually huge. It enables me to share what I have learnt with other parents. I'm so hard on myself as a mum - peer support helps me be less so.

Our youth site also has a forum where young people can support one another. Share it with your teenager if you think it would work for them.

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