Father with child
Father with child

Learn to guide your child through the tricky teenage years.

Free support service for parents over the phone and computer / tablet.

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One-on-one support at a time that works for you.

We provide support sessions where you can explore any concerns you have with your teenager (12-18) and create an action plan to see real results.

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Free service

100% free, funded by the government.

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Anytime, anywhere

Service is phone and computer-based.

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Expert coaches

Specialising in family and parenting support.

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Privacy ensured

Your information is encrypted and secured.

Here is how it works

Our expert coaches will call you and you will complete the session on the phone and computer.

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Step 1: Book first session

Once you have booked your appointment, your coach will call at your session time. This session will start with understanding and exploring your concerns about your teenager.

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* Sample Action Plan

Step 2: Attend first session

During the session, your coach will document what you want to aim for and the practical tools to help you get there. These documents will be available at the end of your session.

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Step 3: Focus sessions (optional)

After completing the first session, you have the option to attend three additional focus sessions. Your coach will work with you to build a personalised program based on your specific needs.

The idea behind it, the flexibility and that it is a free parenting program is fantastic. I think parents need a lot of support and if we can get our kids healthy they are going to be much more resilient adults.

Janelle*, Mother, Victoria

*Parent name and image are pseudonyms to protect their privacy.

About us

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ReachOut is Australia’s leading online mental health organisation for young people and their parents. Helping 1.6 million Australians every year.

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The Benevolent Society

The Benevolent Society is Australia’s first charity and provides the coaches for this program. They are experts in family and parenting support.

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Federal Government

This service is funded by the Australian federal government.