Culture and identity

Australian society is made up of a vibrant mix of cultures and races from all around the world. While this diversity provides social and economic benefits to our nation as a whole, it’s not always easy for teenagers to figure out where they fit in and who they are.

Image of a mother and her two teens laughing together in their lounge room.

Culture, race and teenagers

Image of an Aboriginal mother and father sitting out the front of their house with their two kids. They are all smiling and look at something off camera.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

Image of a young gender non-conforming person sitting on their bed and softly smiling to the camera.

Gender identity and teenagers

Image of a young woman at a pride parade. She is holding a sign above her head. The word QUEER is visible on the sign, and has been coloured in with colours of the pride flag rainbow.

Sexuality and teenagers