Life skills and challenges

Teenage years can be a challenging time for young people, and there's plenty that a parent and carer can do to support their child’s development of life skills and resilience. This collection provides resources and information to help you navigate different life skills and challenges your teen might face.

Image of a teen boy at school. He is looking at the camera and seems concerned.

Anger and teenagers

Image of two teens boys laughing at something off camera.

Bullying behaviour and teenagers

Image of a teen girl looking away from the camera, towards a window in her bedroom.

Coping skills, resilience and teenagers

Image of a teen boy standing in front of some hay bales. He is looking away from the camera and isn't smiling.

Coping with drought stress

Image of a teen girl talking to an adult. She has a confused expression on her face.

Problem solving and teenagers

Image of a teen girl speaking with her dad. She has a neutral expression and is listening intently to what he has to say.

Risk-taking and teenagers

girl in bed looking bored

Sleep and teenagers

Image of a girl resting her head on a desk. She's surrounded by study notes.

Stress and teenagers

Image of a teenage boy working as a barista.

Work, finances, the future and teenagers