Stories about what happens after high school

Making decisions about what happens next can be pretty daunting. Hear from four families who've been through it and made it out the other side.

Is your teenager expecting too much of themselves?

For some teenagers the pressure of Year 12 can get overwhelming. Calypso had incredibly high expectations for herself and with that came anxiety and stress about how she would do in exams and what that would mean for what happened next. Maria tried to keep the pressure off, support Calypso when she needed it, and escalated to professionals with the stress got too much.

Is a gap year right for your teenager?

After spending more than a decade at school, a gap year is a right of passage for some teenagers. Philip and Peter spoke alot about what he would do after school, and with the added factor of a disability, Philip thought a gap year would be his best bet at figuring things out.

Is your teenager unsure of what to do next?

Not every kid has it sorted by the time they reach the end of school. Christo had absolutely no idea what he wanted to do, he just knew that the academic side of things wasn't for him. Pru really wanted him to go straight into something but as they worked together Christo was able to take his own time to figure things out.

Is uni right for your teenager?

Uni isn't the answer for every teenager. Amy knew she wanted to be a teacher but wasn't sure how. David helped her explore the options and despite some hesitation, TAFE ended up the best option for Amy.

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