a woman sitting at a table talking to a young teenager

This can help if you:

  • are going through a separation or divorce
  • are having trouble talking to your teen about separation or divorce
  • want to start a conversation about changes you've noticed in how your teen behaves

How do I start the conversation?

Make a time when you know you won’t be interrupted, like at night once the younger kids have gone to bed, so you can talk more freely. You can also choose a setting that’s not too intense, like driving in the car or doing the dishes. Take some time to explore their worries, and brainstorm some ideas of what might help. Make sure you let them know that you understand, and that many other young people also feel like they do when their parent’s divorce.

It’s up to you whether you want to talk to your teen with you ex-partner or separately. It might be worth chatting to your ex-partner about this beforehand. Your teen might also want to talk and ask questions a few different times, and that’s ok too. Even if you need to repeat something you’ve already said, it’s all a chance for your teen to air their worries.

What might they want to know?

Infographic called talking about separation. Text only file downloadable below.

Click here for a text version of the infographic above. 

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