If you are really worried about your teenager's mental health it can be hard to know what you can do to to help and support them. While the warning signs of suicide are not always obvious, learning to to identify them and raise your concerns could make a world of difference - and you don't have to be an expert to make a difference. Below you'll find some resources and discussions to help you talk about suicide with your teenager in an open, honest and empathetic way. 

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Suicide: no warning signs

I'm devastated to hear about the suicide of Stuart Kelly... [More]

  • Author: Mitzi
  • Posted: 04-08-2016

Finding the right support services

Knowing when to get help can be difficult... [More]

My daughters suicide attempt

It really hit me today how much I need to get help [More[

  • Author: taokat
  • Posted: 07-18-2018

How can I help my daughter?

It's really been traumatic with my 16yro daughter... [More]

Suicide and hospital

My 14yro has anxiety, depression and self harms... [More]

Teen sabotaging help

Two years ago he was a very social teen... [More]

  • Author: Fra_27
  • Posted: 07-11-2018