Chase’s story: How I came out as trans during puberty

Hear from Chase how he dealt with puberty as a young person.

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"My relationship with my parents I think has improved ultimately, because I think for me if my parents hadn't been supportive, I would have had a completely different journey."

Here are some tips from Chase’s story, that you can use to support your trans teen:

  • When Chase first came out, he started socially transitioning, which means that he was changing things about his outward appearance. This included:

    • coming out and living as his identified gender

    • changing his name to Chase and going by he/him pronouns

    • wearing the boys uniform at school

    • having his hair short

  • Remember that it’s your teen’s choice who they come out to and who they don’t come out to. Chase was stealth during high school, which means that he didn’t tell anyone he was trans.

  • Chase found support through local support groups for LGBTQIA+ youth. He also approached the psychologist at school and found that she was able to listen to him and be there for him.

  • Due to his parents being open-minded and supportive, Chase’s relationship with them ultimately improved. He was able to let them in and they learned and grew together.

  • Remember that it’s your teen’s choice whether they come out or not, and who they want to come out to. For Chase, the best parts about coming out were joining the LGBTQIA+ community and making friends, and finally being able to live as his true self.

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