Should I help my teenager get a job?

Leanne Hall, psychologist, answers the question 'Should I help my teenager get a job?' She covers how we can talk to teenagers about their expectations for employment, balancing independence and support, and how to help them deal with rejection and knock backs.

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Here are some things we've learned:

  • It can be helpful to discuss expectations for employment with your teen, including what kinds of jobs they think they’d like, and whether that’s realistic.

  • Your teen should consider the impact of employment on their life and how they will fit it in with their other activities.

  • Think of yourself as being in the passenger seat - you can help your teen navigate the world of work, but it’s up to them to drive the process.

  • They will get rejections and knock backs, which is an important part of them learning to be resilient. You can encourage them to keep going and never give up.

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