Words you need to know - Everyday issues

a woman sitting at a table talking to a young teenager

Getting help and support can be hard enough without having to know the definitions of all the new words you encounter. We've put together this list so that you can understand what things mean and be on your way to support faster and easier.


  • Online forums: These are communities on the internet where members can chat to each other, usually anonymously. ReachOut Parents have a forum where you can connect with others here and there’s also a forum for your teenager here.

  • Support group: A group of people with common experiences or concerns who come together to support, comfort and encourage each other.


  • Coach: A professional who helps plan and achieve your goals. ReachOut Parents have a free coaching program, learn more here.

  • Counsellor/School counsellor: A professional (usually with a social work or psychology degree) who uses talking and support to help you work through issues and problems.

  • Social worker: Aprofessional who provides support to improve your wellbeing, including addressing disadvantage. You’ll find social workers in a variety of roles like casework, counselling, and community work.

  • Student Support Officer: A school staff member who works in collaboration with community services to identify and intervene early with teenagers who have additional needs or are at risk of disengagement.

  • Welfare teacher: A regular teacher who is also responsible for the health and wellbeing of students, promoting personal and social development and fostering positive attitudes.