Young man playing videogames

Taking a break from technology is important as we all need time occasionally to switch off and slow down. Here are some ideas to help you and your child take a tech detox:

  • Help your child find face-to-face activities that suit their interests. Are you worried that your child isn’t getting enough offline social time? Show an interest in what they do online, their interests and hobbies, and look out for ways they can pursue these interests offline – such as gaming groups at school or in the community, reading and writing clubs, etc.
  • Have technology-free zones. There’s a time and a place for technology, and it’s not during family time (like at the dinner table) or in the bedroom (especially at night when we need to be winding down for sleep). Also, turn the TV off when you’re not actively watching something, to cut down on distractions.
  • Give good reasons. For example, reinforce to your child that it’s important to be engaged when spending time with family, and that having a break from our devices helps our body wind down for sleep.
  • Put a limit on recreational screen time. When they’re doing homework, ask that they don’t use social networking, phones or games until they’re done. This will help them learn to stay focused and not procrastinate.

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