A parent's guide to Instagram

parent's guide to insta graphic illustration of three people, the one in the middle with a mobile phone.

We believe that social media companies have an obligation to make their platforms safe for young people. However, in-app safety features are only effective when they are known about and used. Parents and carers play a vital role when it comes to educating their teens about these features. We partnered with Instagram in 2019 to develop our first parents guide to Instagram because parents and carers told us that they were concerned about their teenagers when it came to social media. The guide was updated in 2021 and today, navigating social media safely remains as relevant as ever in the lives of young people across Australia. Issues that can play out on social media include things such as bullying, body image, privacy, safety and screen time.

A Parents Guide to Instagram provides parents and carers with practical information and tips as they navigate this journey with their teens, updated with a snapshot of the new measures Instagram has put in place to help manage these issues.

We have also included more tips – such as conversation starters – in this guide, so that parents and carers can use this information in practical ways with their teens when it comes to staying safe on the platform.

We hope you find this guide a useful and practical tool. Download A Parent's Guide to Instagram.