Boy studying for exams

School exams can be a very stressful time for teenagers, particularly year 12 exams. Some teenagers get stressed about every exam and others just one or two. But, the 2015 Mission Australia survey suggests that school and study are the top concerns for teenagers 15-19.

Stress around exam time can not only impact a teenager's mental health but also their physical health and general wellbeing. Having a stressed teenager in the house can also be difficult for the whole family. Helping your teenager deal with stress in the lead-up to exams can help them to study and also reduce the tension at home during the exam period. 


What to do if your teenager isn't coping

If your teenager really isn't coping with their study load it may be time to seek further support from a professional. A psychologist or counsellor can help them learn exam stress management strategies. You can also talk to their teachers or year advisor about ways to support them at school.

It is also important to talk about different types of achievement. Getting the right ATAR is not the only way to achieve their goals. Their school's career counsellor can help them to find alternate pathways to uni or assist in applying for special consideration.

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