We'd all like to think our teenagers could just say no, but realistically that's actually pretty tough. Jay Laga'aia shares his top 6 creative tips for you to teach your teen when talking about saying no to peer pressure.

We also put our brains together with some young people on our youth forums who know a thing or two about peer pressure. Here's a few of their ideas on how to say no to peer pressure in any sort of tricky situation.

  • Focus on the other person - “I hope you respect my decision.”
  • Ignore them/pretend you didn’t hear them
  • Pretend you’re sick - “saying that you feel really unwell and that you may throw up is a super effective way of getting people out of your way, especially with stuff like being in a car with a drunk driver - trust me, if they think you're going to throw up in their car, they'll pull over.”
  • Suggest something else – “I just got a new video game, why don’t we play that instead?”
  • Be polite – say “No thanks” and smile
  • Choose your own communication style - "Where possible, I say no, or whatever it is I need to say, over text/Facebook or in writing rather than face to face because I find that being face to face with someone makes it harder and I mess up what I want to say."

And we're sure there are heaps more, so see what works for your teenager!

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