How your teenager can manage distractions

Boy on phone
Boy on phone

Boy on phone

There is no shortage of distractions in our lives today. There are smart phones, gaming consoles, computer games, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and YouTube with its own endless supply of amusing videos. If they are worried these distractions might be getting in the way of their schoolwork, there are things you can do to encourage them to address it:

  • Encourage them to set aside time for fun, relaxing, social media etc, and also plan out distraction-free study time. It’s a good idea for them to also plan out (and take) lots of breaks, but study time is study time
  • Agree on no phone zones. Have a conversation about areas of the house that can become temporary phone-free-zones, such as the study or dining room. Encourage everyone to play a role in making it happen
  • Ensure they get enough sleep – lack of sleep makes it easier for anyone to procrastinate or get distracted. Here’s how you can help them get better sleep
  • Share with them these 13 tricks for getting things done

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