Tips for supporting your teenager

There are a number of things that you can do to be a supportive parent to your child. If you'd like to understand more about the importance of being a supportive parent, read our fact sheet on supportive parenting and teenagers. Or you may want to chat to other parents in the forum, to hear their tips or share your own experience.

Otherwise, see below for our supportive parenting tips.

Whats your parenting superpower cartoon

Quiz: What's your parenting super power?

Take this quiz to discover your natural parenting style. Work through the different scenarios to reveal your strengths, and learn how to use each of the parenting styles to support your teenager.  Read more

Rebecca Hatch teenage girl and mum hugging

How to support your child's dreams

Rebecca Hatch is a singer/songwriter from Western Sydney and Tammy is her Mum and Manager. Rebecca and Tammy chat about the importance of open communication, honesty, and supporting what your child is passionate about.  Read more

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